Sam Mason (sammason) wrote in disabledstudent,
Sam Mason

Writing disability in exams

I've just sent this to somebody I've met through exam invigilating, who is also part of our University's team which supports disabled students.

Hi [name]

It was great to work with you last week and I hope there'll be another time.

What I didn't have time to ask you is, what's done at our University for people who prefer to write by keyboard than by pen? In fact it turned out that my task on Fri was a 1-2-1 invigilation for a student who was entitled to do his exam on a computer, but I'd been thinking about this anyway. As you can see I type easily but since MS got to my hands, I avoid writing with a pen. So I've started getting work as a Reader in students' exams but working as a Scribe isn't for me. The idea that there are disabilities causing 'writing difficulties' is new to me and I'm not even sure that I'm using the right phrase for it. Is there a University policy on this kind of disability?
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