Sam Mason (sammason) wrote in disabledstudent,
Sam Mason

Irlen Method

I'm grateful to somebody on the other comm I own, friendly_crips, for mentioning the Irlen Method. Do you use it or know people who use it?
Tags: autism, autistic spectrum disabilities, blindness, dyslexia, learning disability, reading, visual disability
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As mentioned else where I use it. I have a double turquoise overlay to use on handouts and of course it's easy to change the settings on computer to the colour that works well for you. For me I've found it makes some difference but not nearly as much as for some of the younger ones but I guess I've had more years developing coping strategies for my dyslexia etc. I admit that if disabled student allowance will fund the glasses with coloured lenses I'lll happily try them though I know that's not that likely.
Would you consider wearovers? I have some of those with yellow not-lenses, sold as anti-glare protection for drivers. I also have some wearovers whose not-lenses are dark, for sunny conditions. But I haven't seen wearovers in any other colour.
Ooh I'd not even thought about it. Its odd for years long before anyone told me I had Irlens I always liked the blue lenses in fashion sun glasses before I had to wear glasses all the time for vision. I probably would consider it but I think I'll just hope one day to be able to afford a range of glasses. I have glasses and a spare pair so either contacts and no presecription sun glasses or prescription sun glasses and Irlens glasses. I shall now go look round the internet to see if there are irlens lense things like the goes over sun glasses things.
Do please let us know if you find any.


May 24 2012, 09:48:37 UTC 4 years ago Edited:  May 24 2012, 09:48:55 UTC

I did a very through search apparently they don't exist due to the colours being unique to each user. Though the writing paper for Irlens only comes in 6 colours combinations of overlays can make the rainbow myriad of colours we see and even if you get a pair of the Irlens glasses somewhere like boots etc may or may not be able to replicate the exact shade of tint. So its a costly and annoying process.

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I hope this different supplier turns out to suit you. It's regrettable imo that both of the websites we've seen on this thread emphasise children. Yes it's true that children can need accommodations for visual difficulties but those difficulties don't magically disappear when the child grows up. This reminds me of remarks I've heard from autistic adults, about autism being not only a childhood condition.

Yes I too have found that wearovers can be too restrictive of the overall amount of light getting to the eyes. I did find yellow wearovers quite useful last time my eyes had one of their bad phases but the brown ones were too dark for indoors. I'm not using the wearovers now but it's good to know I've got them for when the need arises.

Anyway, good luck with your search for new tinted specs.