Sam Mason (sammason) wrote in disabledstudent,
Sam Mason

Open University

Here in Britain, disabled people are encouraged to study at the Open University. I've been talking online with a disabled friend who says phe found OU supportive of per needs while studying. More supportive than another University.

There's a topic that I'd like to study (Maths) but I have 4 1/4 University degrees already (undergrad, MSc, some more undergrad modules, another MSc, a PhD) so I wouldn't be doing this for immediate career gain. It would be because I like Maths. What's holding me back now is the need to earn as much money as my disability lets me earn (still far short of a living wage) but with OU, there's no time limit. So perhaps I'll do it at some point.

How about you? I think people all over the world can use OU and there might be options in your own country too.
Tags: academic, accessibility, deadline, education, higher education, remote learning, university
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