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Sam Mason

Exam invigilation and disability

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At my University, the students' summer exams have just finished. I've been invigilating (which, I hear, Americans call proctoring) Special Circ[umstance]s as usual. Mostly it's been fine but in one case it wasn't fine. I'm not going to tell the tale online but it's led me to send the following to the person who hires and organises invigilators.

Dear [name]

I'd like to make a suggestion about invigilator training. Please could all invigilators, esp those doing Special Circs, be offered training in how to work with disabled people?

In nearly every session where I've invigilated, the people working alongside me have been great. But I find that a small minority of my co-invigilators haven't seemed comfortable about my visible disability. Could you, or somebody in your team, arrange for training to be offered through the Equality Service? I copy this message to [name] who is one of the co-invigilators with whom I enjoy working, who also works in the Equality Service. [Name] would you mind passing on this message to the appropriate person in your team?

Best wishes
Sam Mason
Tags: accommodations, exams, visible disabilities
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