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Students With Disabilities

Conquering Higher Education

Disabled Students
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Disabled students
Are you a student with a disability, whether physical or otherwise?
Are you a disabled person who is considering college or University?
Are you a disabled person who was a student in the past?
Are you a lecturer, a professor, a teacher, a parent or anybody else who would like to discuss disability in higher education or in further education?

This community is for you!

We don't have 'rules' but here are some guidelines.

Please use an LJ cut if your post is long.
Please use an LJ cut if you post a picture.
Please use tags. If you don't see the tag you want, ask and I'll make it for you.

Please don't use non-standard fonts or colours. Some of us are visually impaired.
Please don't post flashing images. For some of us, those create a risk of seizure.

Be yourself and enjoy the community!