Sam Mason (sammason) wrote in disabledstudent,
Sam Mason

distance learning

Have you studied or taught on distance-learned classes? What's it been like for you? I think this is particularly interesting for disabled people because for some of us, leaving the house is an issue.

I once started a distance-learned course. Didn't finish the course but that wasn't entirely due to the distance learning: I got into other things. Those other things were postgrad study and I did that mostly on campus until the final stages of data analysis and thesis writing. Mostly, that's worked well for me. I've always been self-motivated and I'm blessed in that my home is comfortable. I have a room that is my study, and I have no children or pets distracting me. For other people those things aren't so.

Now that I've finished studying, some of the jobs I'm applying for would involve distance teaching. I'm being asked to provide evidence that I know how to do this and the fact is, all I can say on that point is that I'm bright and willing to learn.

[Edit] LJ still isn't letting me comment on this comm. Perhaps that will change when I become officially a moderator here. This LJ fail remains a mystery but it's intermittent and it's less frequent now that I've changed my account to a paid one.

So everybody here, please accept my apologies when I don't reply to your comments. It's not deliberate and I do read what you say here.
Tags: accommodations, higher education
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