Sam Mason (sammason) wrote in disabledstudent,
Sam Mason

new community owner

Hello everybody

I'm now the owner of this comm! Thanks technomom for founding it and for running it for several years. Thanks for trusting me with your baby, too.

As promised I've already updated the comm's profile. The thing is, most students don't stay as students for very long. I'm an ex-student myself, now teaching. But as several people have pointed out ex-students may have a lot to say that's interesting. I hope we'll recruit some not-yet-students too. And some parents, friends, whoever. In fact, I'm generally quite laissez-faire about comm management so do please tell me if you want any changes.

So far I've removed pre-moderation from everybody who is a comm member. If we get trolled I'll reconsider but let's see how it goes. I've removed membership from any LJ users whose accounts had already been closed but apart from those, everybody is welcome. It turns out that there are nearly 200 of us here so please do say whatever you want to say.
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