Sam Mason (sammason) wrote in disabledstudent,
Sam Mason

extra time

Recently I was a demonstrator (like classroom assistant, in University teaching labs) on a prac for which the students were to hand in their work for assessment. Results will contribute to their final degree grade.

Students often gravitate towards me because I'm visibly disabled. This happened again and on this occasion the student's disabilities include one for which phe gets extra time during exams. So phe asked me for extra time to complete the lab work (it was a dry prac of data calculations). To me that sounded entirely reasonable so I passed the request to the senior academic teaching the session. Phe hadn't been informed and rightly pointed out that any student could *claim* to have an invisible disability. Somebody with a written diagnosis is a different matter but somehow that information hadn't been passed on from the Undergrad Office.

Next time I see this teacher, I'll ask per what the outcome was. Certainly I think it would be discrimination if this student were denied the extra time phe needs.
Tags: accommodations, coursework, discrimination, higher education, invisible disabilities
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