Sam Mason (sammason) wrote in disabledstudent,
Sam Mason

reading for a student doing an exam

I've just done my first 'reader' job for a student with dyslexia. It went well for me and, I think, for per too.

Some confusion about whether or not per pre-agreed accommodation of 25% extra time was included in the length of time stated on the exam paper. Phe was obviously working hard to finish the exam and I'd caused a few short delays by needing per to advise me on how to pronounce certain words, and anyway, I wasn't there to give per a hard time. So I let per take a few more minutes to finish the exam. But next time I'll be sure to get clearer guidance about how much time is allowed.

The exam topic (1st year Biochemistry) was such that I, who recently got a PhD in Parasitology, could have answered some of the questions but not all of them. And nearly all of the words and abbreviations were familiar to me. Must find out how far from the reader's own field the student's field can be. I'm sure that if the topic had been Quantum Mechanics I'd have struggled and if it'd been Ancient Greek Poetry, well let's not go there. I was there to help, not to hinder.

Still, doing this work in my wheelchair, I hope that I provided a little bit of cripspiration although on this occasion the student didn't mention that.
Tags: academic, accommodations, cripspiration, disabilities, dyslexia, exams, invisible disabilities, reading, wheelchair
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