Sam Mason (sammason) wrote in disabledstudent,
Sam Mason

I got hired

It's no surprise, but it's pleasant, to find that I've been hired for 8 afternoons of invigilating Special Circs exams in the last 2 weeks of May. It took me some perseverence to get hired as an invigilator last winter because the people who organise University exams tend to be oversubscribed by wannabe invigilators. No wonder: it's money for old rope. Not exciting work but it brings home the squids (£££).

With perseverence I did get hired last winter and I got positive feedback on how I'd done the job. So now we'll do the University's main set of exams and I'll be there :-) Might even turn up in a dress... I have some nice ones in which I look professional. Other days I might go for my trusty Argyles, pinstripes and lapels :-)
Tags: disabilities, exams
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