Sam Mason (sammason) wrote in disabledstudent,
Sam Mason

Students in Special Circumstances

Exam resits are underway at my University and I'm invigilating. The work's fine for me but I'm concerned about accommodations for some of the students.

One person who uses a stoma bag, after having had her gut removed, is entitled to 'toilet access' because the bag sometimes needs to be changed urgently. But she tells me that she's not entitled to have extra minutes added to her exams' finishing times. Other students do have that entitlement, eg due to CFS, but seemingly not this one. Bah! If she's ever in an exam that I'm invigilating, I'll bend this rule for her.

That same person is doing resits because in the main January exam season, she was too ill to do her exams. She tells me that this means she only gets one chance at the exams. Another student tells me the same thing because he failed an exam in January due to having a seizure during it. I didn't witness that seizure but really, how can it be just to disqualify him in this way?

I'll follow up these concerns when I sign in for today's invigilating shift.
Tags: accommodations, discrimination, exams
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