coldneedles (coldneedles) wrote in disabledstudent,

Help out a disabled student

I'm currently at college studying art and it would be really helpful if people could fill this survey out if they are able.

The survey is to be filled out by physically* disabled or chronically ill people to serve as research for an artist’s book I am creating for a diploma in Foundation Art and Design.

My Final Major Project is based upon the idea of the mind/body split and what this concept means for disabled and chronically ill people, influenced by my experience of having ME for over four years. As this is an art project, rather than a collection of scientific data, I have left the questions rather open and expansive.

No identifying information will be collected but replies will be used as part of the project.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to comment here or send me a lj message.

Click here to take survey

(* I recognize that mental illness is very real and physical, but in this project I am focusing on attitudes towards the body.)

Posted with mod permission, sorry if you see this crossposted everwhere.
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